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Love the Lee Sin!
JD - 23 Feb 2015
Good Stuff
Michael H, Adams - 4 Apr 2012
Great work, great quality. Love your work! The website looks great. Keep it up Jen!
Monique - 21 Nov 2011
Well Jen, I love, love, love my new hat. Thanks so much. You are very talented. Hope to see you again at the Sullivan Craft Fair next year! ps already saw Lesley wearing one of hers this morning!
Andie Durnie - 9 Nov 2010
Jen, we met at the craft fair at Sullivan Hall today. My dad bought a cute little blue and brown hat for my daughter Charlotte and my new prized possession.........my purple flower hat!!! You are very talented and I can't wait to purchase more, will pass on your website because I know that many of my friends would just die if they saw your creations:) Take care and much success to you and your family!!!
Kim Wilkins - 7 Nov 2010
Great web site! Awesome work!
Carla - 15 Apr 2010
*Vibrant and beautiful colors... Gorgeous visions with added unique,extreme talent. You are an amazing artist...beyond, beyond.... Keep creating for all!!!! Please and Thank You! :) I very much appreciate viewing your work as I am sure all your family,friends and fans feel the same. Looking forward to working with you and seeing more of your amazing ♥Master Pieces♥. From: Your new Friend and an Enthusiastic Fan of Yours as well :) Victoria Peace xo
Victoria Peace - 3 Sep 2009
Hi Jen, Your works are all beautiful :) i even showed it to my friend and she is very impressed! Incidentally I am starting to make crochet beanies and scarves out of yarn and crochet threads. Started with the knitting but just the basic one. I make the chocolate and pansies type but without the flowers. You inspire me Jen! and I hope you can teach me how to make knitted beanies :) Looking forward to seeing more of your work. CONGRATULATIONS Jen :)
bing sulit - 28 Aug 2009
Awesome, Jen! You are such an amazing artist! You were born to be creative!
Eunice Lee - 27 Aug 2009
It was nice meeting you yesterday Jenny and, your mom Luisa... I posted your pic at mural on my facebook page. Looking forward to see it finished. I am sure it will bring a lot of joy to all that will walk by it ... is one of "those". Really good workshown here on site too, Jenny. You are pretty much doing your own thing... in my book/humble opinion, a goooooood thing! Cheers! Alicia M B Ballard
Alicia M B Ballard - 2 Aug 2009
Jenny! Wow! Your work is wonderful!!! I loved them all. Congrats on all your exhibitions, you're very talented.
Cheryl C. Joaquin - 5 May 2009
Job well done, Jen! We enjoyed looking at each and everyone of them. Good luck to all your endeavors. Buddy and Emy, May 2, 2009
Emy Joaquin - 2 May 2009
Nice work Jen! We enjoyed going through all your art work! Keep it up!
Dennia & Luisa - 29 Apr 2009
Carie Mager - 28 Apr 2009
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