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Jennifer J. Lee


In a nut shell...

Jennifer was born in 1973 in Manila. At a very early age, she had shown a great affinity to drawing and painting. 

At age 10, she moved from the Philippines to California where she was privileged to have been taught by teachers who further encouraged and developed her skills and her love for visual art. 

Though she did not pursue art as her studies in university, Jennifer continued to expand her creativity by enrolling in various fine art classes. This helped her develop a unique eye for balance and use of colors, which have been fundamental in helping her establish a career in graphic design.

Primarily self-taught, Jennifer enjoys the work she does and finds painting to be a very soothing outlet. Her painting subjects are a wide range, but most are inspired by nature and its colors. She currently resides in South Surrey, BC with her husband and two children.



2012 SDAG Oil & Water (juried show)

2012 Surrey Art Council Just Birds (juried show)

2012 DAC artSpacific (juried show) - Honourable Mention Award

2011 SDAG Oil & Water (juried show)

2011 ARTS 2011 (juried show)

2011 DAC artSpacific (juried show)

2010 SDAG Oil & Water (juried show)

2010 ARTS 2010 (juiried show) - "People's Choice Award"

2010 DAC artSpacific (juried show) - "People's Choice Award"

2009 Spirit of the Sea Festival Mural - "Natural BC"

2009 SDAG Oil & Water (juried show)

2009 DAC artSpacific (juried show)

2009 Leighdon Studio Gallery

2008 SDAG Go Figure (artist show)

2008 SDAG Oil & Water (juried show) - "Artsites Website Award"

2008 DAC artSpacific (juried show) - "Artistic Achievement Award"

2008 Eileen Fong Gallery Spring Expressions

2008 SDAG Poets & Painters (artist show)

2008 SDAG Critters, Beasties & Me (artist show)

2007 RAG Mirror Mirror Exhibit, Little Landscapes & Miniature Worlds

2007 RAG Wine Label Contest Winner

2007 SDAG Oil & Water (juried show)